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The Intellectual Ana?

there is such a thing...

♥♥ quod me netruit me destruit ♥♥
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quod me netruit me destrui
what nourishes me also destroys me

This is an active* support community for eating disorders, if you don’t like that idea, please leave immediately. And now, elaborating on that, this is not going to be a generic ED-community. Hey, we enjoy discussions. It's a small group, but that way everyone can get to know eachother well. We also can voice our opinions without being rude.

*Weekly required posts, themes, and fun stuff!

1--Do post a short entry upon entry or de-lurking, preferably with a pic.
2--Do try to post under "Friends-Only."
3--Do post ED-related questions; we’ll be happy to answer them.
4--Do post images of your artwork, short stories, and poems – but behind a LJ cut please!
5--Do check out the LiveJournal FAQ and help pages for answers to technical questions like how to post pictures and how to edit or delete your posts.

1--Don't post mean, rude, degrading, or insulting comments, it's not very mature, and we really don't listen to them anyway.
2--Don't disable comments on your posts – this is after all, a community.
3--Don't post other people's pictures or art, even of your friends, without their permission.
4--Don't be a hater, if you don't like us: leave.
5--Don't post quiz & test results -- or links to take them! It's annoying, takes up room- and it doesn't involve pictures of you.
6--Don't put others down, this is not a rating community, and people in here already have fucked-up self-esteem.
19--Don't violate the Live Journal Terms of Service or you will be banned and reported to abuse@livejournal.com. Remember when you joined Live Journal you agreed NOT to upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that is hateful, threatening, abusive, harassing, torturous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, unlawful, harmful, libelous, invasive to another’s privacy, racially or ethnically offensive, or to "stalk" or otherwise harass another LJ member or community. If any user is reported to be in violation of the letter or spirit of these terms, LiveJournal.com retains the right to terminate such accounts at any time without further warning. Whew.

This is not a place to learn how to acquire an eating disorder. Shall I repeat that? This is not a place to learn how to acquire an eating disorder. We fully support both recovery and those who choose it is not time to recover.

Maintained by continental until further notice.
Mod, Co: anat0my
Mod, Co: funsized
Mod, Graphics: continental

Reach the mods at rexymodelmods@yahoo.com, not at their personal journals or e-mail addresses.

Offending posts will be deleted and repeat offenders of above rules will be banned from the community.